JOBS IN JORDAN, KUWAIT AND SAUDI FOR GIRLS. Cleaning and cooking jobs as a house work. Requirement: Passport Scan copy of passport, police report and medicals Aged from 19years to 37years Salaries: (Kuwait $300,) (Jordan $225-$250) (Saudi $250) Charges: only Ghc 500 and only pay it when everything is done to go Contract period: 2years and accommodation, food and dress are all free for girls so you don't use your salary for anything you just save and send to Ghana Interested people should call Elder Matthew 0578766797 or whatsap 0262400986 Safety of our girls are guaranteed because we work with professionals who have been in this job for over 27years now. Send to all your Whatsap contacts for me please because we need more people thanks
Matthew OheneAyim Africa, Togo Feb 3, 2016
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